Metabolic Typing

The History Behind Metabolic Typing

The roots of Metabolic typing can be traced back to two pioneers in their respective fields, Dr. Weston A. Price a dentist and anthropologist and Dr. Roger Williams a famous biochemist.

Dr. Price did a thorough study of the diets of 16 indigenous and non-indigenous tribes worldwide for 10 years. He found that all of the diets of the tribes varied with the respect to the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats due to the availability of the macronutrients in the region. Many of the tribe's people had excellent health regardless of the ratios of the macronutrients in their diets. His conclusion, based on his research, was that no one diet could possibly be right for all people. 

Dr. Williams was the first to coin the phrase, "Biochemical individuality". He determined that difference occur in structure and metabolism at the cellular level. Williams also determined that not only was the metabolism affected but the speed and efficiency at which the cells perform tasks were also affected. This is important because all of the food we ingest is used as fuel for our cells. If we are not taking in the proper fuel our cells will not be nearly as efficient as they can be. This will then cause our bodies to be out of optimal nutritional balance. 

The extensive research of these two doctors has lead to what we know refer to eating for your metabolic type.

What is Metabolic Typing?

Metabolic typing helps you determine the proper ratio of macronutrients for your body to functions at its best. Once the proper ratios are determined, the metabolic typing specialist will provide a list of food choices relevant to your type (protein, mixed or carbohydrate).

How can knowing my metabolic type help me?

People who experience some of these problems: Being overweight or underweight, tired, digestive issues, poor sleeping patterns, back pain, neck pain, acne, chronic illness, heartburn, acid reflux, high blood pressure, poor skin, weak nails, or joint inflammation have found relief through the metabolic typing program. When the proper nutrients in the proper amounts are ingested, the body will function healthier.

How do I get started?

Ron Lelko is a certified Metabolic Typing specialist and is available by appointment. Please call him at the Center of Balance at (203) 298-0707 or his cell at (860) 316-8723 and start living a healthier life.



Ronald, we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of having completed the nutrition/exercise plan under your guidence. We have maintained our weight loss and we can attest to the fact that we feel better. The benefits of your plan were; we learned the right combnation of P/C/F's in our diet, we tried to stay super active and we drink a lot more water. When we staryed off the reservation we knew exactly what to do to get back in shape. I lost 23 lbs and Carol 15. We both could have lost more but it would have meant all new wardrobes. Even when we went on vacation and gained some weight, adhereing to the plan when we got back brought us back to normal.

Our coments about the plan could be summed up as follows; eat the right portions of the combinations in the plan. Read food lables. Eliminate high fructose corn syrups from your diet as best as possible. Avoid becoming a couch potato. Use alcohol in moderation. Eat home prepared meals because they tend to align themselves with the plan and finally - don't let anyone tell you that you can't succed with the plan because over the 6 decades we've been alive this is the only plan that makes sense. It is very healthy and keeps the weight under control. Our last physicals showed that we are in very good health for our age group.


- Mike and Carol W.

Will This Work? 

I needed to lose 13 pounds, the weigth had slowly crept up on me and my clothes were getting tighter. I called Ron and we started an 8 week program. Ron combined diet, which consisted of proper eating and at the right imes, NOT starving myself. Based on my metabolic type, Ron guided me through what my body needed and didn't need to both provide energy and also burn calories. He incorporated that with a varied exercise regimin. At the end of my 8 weeks i had lost 9 pounds, more importantly lost inches. I still have 4 pounds to go and am well on my way to achieving that. 

Thanks Ron!

- Holly A - Milford



Through the Center of Balance Fitness & Wellness metabolic typing nutrition program I have been able to eliminate my sugar cravings, mood swings, severe hot flashes, sleepless nights, and 26 pounds! By knowing and understanding my metabolic type, I have learned what to eat for constant energy, healthy digestive system, and weight control.   Although I was looking for just weight loss, I was able to improve my overall quality of life through Ronald Lelko’s professional guidance.

-Helen C. – New Haven


Ronald, it certainly went by fast. The results I must admit were better than I expected. I set a target of losing 20 lbs and figuring out how I was going to fair after that. I actually lost 21 lbs and will try to get into a 23 - 25 lb loss bracket. My future as far as seeing food/sustenance in a different light has changed. I realize that no matter how good a shape I might perceive myself to be it really comes down to a balanced portion, within my individual metabolic type.

 My new regimen includes moderate exercise before breakfast. Breakfast will definitely include protein because it carries me past the noon hour even though I know I must eat around that time. Dinner is definitely in much smaller portions and rarely includes any type of "sweet" finish as in the past. I think I need to ensure that I keep my water intake at a higher level and I have not had any soda of any kind in 8 weeks - I do not miss it!

Our grocery bill has been impacted because we are buying less processed foods. If in need of a hunger pang snack we have nuts readily available

A month from now I have my yearly physical and I'll let you know how it turns out. Tell all your clients that I sleep better, have more energy and stomach/gastrointestinal problems are a thing of the past. Bottom line: An enjoyable process and something that will pay bigger dividends in the coming years.

- Michael W. - East Longmeadow, Mass.


When I first started the No Diet Diet, I had my doubts. I was already a healthy eater, fresh proteins and carbs at every meal except breakfast. How could eating the correct ratio of protein and carbs make a difference? Once I adjusted my intake of proteins and carbs, even at breakfast, I was no longer hungry between meals and I have more energy well into the evening. To top it all off, I've lost ten pounds. I encourage everyone to determine their Metabolic type and begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

 -Carl W. - East Longmeadow, Mass

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