Ronald, we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of having completed the nutrition exercise plan under your guidance. We have maintained our weight loss and we can attest to the fact that we feel better. The benefits of your plan were; that we learned the right combinations of P/C/F's in our diet, we tried to stay super active and we drink a lot more water. When we strayed off the reservation we knew exactly what to do to get back in shape. I lost 23 lbs. and Carol 15. We both could have lost more but it would have meant all new wardrobes. Even when we went on vacation this summer and gained some weight, adhering to the plan when we got back brought us back to normal.

Our comments about the plan could be summed up as follows; eat the right portions of cominations in the plan. Read food labels. Eliminate high fructose corn syrups rom your diet as best as possible. Avoid becoming a couch potato. Use alcohol in moderation. Eat home prepared meals because they tend to align themselves with the plan and finally - don't let anyone tell you they cannot succeed with this plan because over the 6 decades we've been alive this is the only plan that has made any sense - it is healthy and keeps the weight under control. Our last physicals showed we are in very good health for our age group.


Mike and Carol W.


Ronald, 4 down and 4 to go., 18lbs. lighter to boot. Looking back I will honestly say week one was, 'Hell Week". Lost 8 lbs. but could not adjust to a breakfast balance of PCF's. Did see the rise in energy level right away though. Once the breakfast routine was conquered it really became habit and I now see breakfast in a different light. Prior to this my breakfast was mainly carbs and by 11:30 I absolutely had to eat.

Now I can postpone my next PCF to at least 2 pm - but I don't. I have learned to eat proportionally and I do not miss my deserts at all. Water with meals of course has played an even bigger role - I also go much more frequently. No processed foods are a key. We are preparing more fresh and in smaller portions so the grocery bill is even less. I do have a vodka on the rocks on the weekend and it does incite my appetite as it did before when I "snacked" while having my aperitif.

Since my regimen now looks like I can drop 2 lbs per week I'll let you know in 4 weeks where I am. So much weight has come off my butt that it is difficult to sit in church pews, I have not increased my workouts which is aerobic and weight 5 days per week.

Bottom Line - I feel better, sleep better, have more energy and look forward to the benefits of this new way of living after the 8 weeks are over. One last thing that was invaluable was incorporating the 4 day rotation diet. It was a super adjunct to the total program.


Mike W.


Ronald, it certainly went by fast. The results I must admit were better than I expected. I set a target of losing 20 lbs. and figuring out how I was going to fair after that. I actually lost 21 lbs. and will try to get into the 23-25 lb. loss bracket. My future as far as seeing food in a different light has changed. I realize that no matter how good a shape I might perceive myself to be it really comes down to a balance portion in your diet.

My new regimen includes moderate exercise before breakfast. Breakfast will definitely include protein now because it carries me past the noon hour even though I must eat around that time. Dinner is definitely in much smaller portions and rarely includes any type of, "sweet" finish as in the past. I think I need to ensure that I keep my water intake at a higher level and I have not had any soda of any kind in 8 weeks - I do not miss it.

Our grocery bill has been impacted because we are buying less processed foods. If in need of a hunger pang snack we have nuts readily available and it fills the need.

A month from now I will have my yearly physical and I'll let you know how that turns out. Tell all your clients that I sleep better, have more energy and stomach, gastrointestinal problems are a thing of the past. Bottom line: An enjoyable process and something that will pay bigger dividends in the coming years.


Mike W.


I needed to lose 13 pounds, the weight had slowly crept up on me and my clothes were getting tighter. I called Ron and we started an 8 week program. Ron combined diet, which consisted of proper eating and at the proper times, NOT starving myself. Based on my metabolic type, Ron guided me through what my body needed and didn't need to both provide energy and burn calories. He incorporated that with a varied exercise regime. At the end of my 8 weeks I had lost 9 pounds, more importantly lost inches. I still have 4 pounds to go and am well on my way to achieving that. Thanks Ron!

- Holly A. Milford, CT


I have been exercising with Bob at the Center of Balance for almost 2 years now. The exercise program is suited to me as an individual and fits my needs specifically in reaching my health goals. When I leave, I feel healthier and happier. Working out with Bob at the Center of Balance is a fantastic stress reliever and a positive part of my day. I look forward to going.

- Kathy C. West Haven, CT


Center of Balance has been the perfect place for me to achieve my weight loss goal. The non-intimidating environment along with the one-on-one personal training program designed by Bob has been the key to my success. The sincere encouragement I received from Bob kept me motivated the entire week to stay on track with my own exercise routine. With his professional qualifications and years of experience in fitness training and nutrition, he has guided me through a challenging program that has boosted my confidence and produced results faster than I could have imagined.

- Dave W. Milford, CT


After years of chronic shoulder pain and my unwillingness for surgery, I began working with Bob Kron to rebuild strength and range of motion in my left shoulder. As a result of Bob’s programs, today I have full use of my shoulder and significant improvement in my overall fitness, which has enhanced my quality of life.

- Joe T. Orange, CT


With the group fitness program at Center of Balance the classes are small enough to provide individual attention but the group atmosphere gives me the encouragement I need to help me reach my fitness goals. The workouts are constantly changing so I never get bored and my muscles never get complacent.

- Joyce Z. Milford, CT


Personal Training is the most effective and efficient way to workout and Center of Balance is the way to do it. Michael is very professional and is dedicated to his client’s well-being, health and progress.

- Andrée A. Milford CT


The atmosphere at Center of Balance can be best described as welcoming and supportive to all. I feel completely at home at Center of Balance. Clients are not identified by membership cards, instead all staff members actually know your name. The layout of the of the facility is spacious and the locker rooms are especially clean and comfortable. You will feel at home at Center of Balance, the staff provides and encouraging and safe environment for all clients.

- Suzanne L. Orange, CT


I have belonged to many different fitness facilities but Center of Balance is by far my favorite one. There is plenty of equipment and the room is filled with sunlight from the abundance of windows. The environment is very comfortable and inviting like working out in your very own private space.

- Joni N. Orange, CT

Center of Balance

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