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Back Squat

By: Ronald Lelko

Walk into the power rack and place your hands equally on the bar. With hands on the bar, place the bar behind your neck so that it rests on your trapezius muscle.

back squat explanation, center of balace, orange, ct

Set your body under the bar and lift the weight off the rack. Once out of the rack, set your core, chest out, torso erect and inhale. Start your descent by pushing your buttocks back and make sure to keep the angle of the hips and knees identical throughout the descent. Make sure that you do not lean to far forward so that your shoulders travel past your knees. Also, keep your heels flat on the ground, knees behind toes and knee vertically over toes.

back squat front view, center of balance, orange ctback squat side view, center of balance, orange, ct

As you ascend simultaneously drive your hips forward, knees out, through your heals and exhale. Pay attention that your hip and knee angle are the same through the movement.

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