Tri Something New

Looking to Tri something new?

By: Mike Mariano

Not long ago running was something only "runners" did. The only people who would ever run a road race let alone attempt something like a marathon were people who ran a sub 6 minute mile and logged 40 plus miles a week. Today, with the advances in training knowledge running a 5k to a marathon has become something achievable for the average person. Last year almost 500,000 people finished a marathon in the U.S alone!

The same can be said for triathlons. It started as an ultra competitive event for "Ironmen", but now there are people who compete in triathlons of varying distances from the age of 7 to past their 80th birthday! So, whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who is just discovering fitness, now is a great time to tri something new!

After a very successful season last year, we will be starting our summer triathlon training program this week. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has ever thought about doing a triathlon to do it the right way. We take you through the whole process step by step, start to finish so you can see how fun the triathlon experience can be. We will help you be comfortable and confident in the water, teach you the fundamentals of cycling so it is fun and efficient and show you how to finish it off with a strong run.

This is particularly important to me because my first triathlon experience was not a good one. I was not properly trained and thought I could do it just because I was in good shape. After that important learning experience I was determined to come back and do it the right way. Now, almost 10 years, dozens of races and two Ironman finishes later, my goal is to introduce as many people to this wonderful sport as I can and make sure they have an incredibly positive experience from start to finish.

So, are you ready for a new challenge? A new experience? A new adventure? Come join us and add some variety to your fitness routine and have some fun along the way. Check out our summer training schedule and come tri something new!

For more information contact Mike Mariano at (203) 298-0707

Center of Balance

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